GOG.com’s Spring Insomnia Sale fun facts

As the time winds down on the craziest sale of the year (so far) and my productivity starts trending upward again I wanted to share with you some stats from the sale before it is completely over. If you haven’t been keeping one tab open in your browser all week, what are you waiting for go to GOG.com now!

  • Theme Park was the fastest selling game, at almost 3 copies per second
  • RPGs have narrowly beaten out Adventure games to be the fastest moving genre
  • Indies have the upper hand when it comes to the fastest sales and the amount of money earned
  • In the first 48 hours, 90,000 copies of games were sold. Oh Yeaaahhhh, the Macho Man approves.

With Spring finally here, especially here in New York, GOG.com now is here to ensure you don’t have to venture outside and feel the wraith from allergies, bugs, The Sun and umm…little kids with ice cream cones. Gamers everywhere can purchase 100 titles up to 90% off, with some free games (in limited quantities) mixed in for good measure. Only one game will be on sale at a time, and the quantities will be quite limited. Once the stock for one game has been depleted, a new game will appear on sale.