Furi receives massive update on Steam, 20% off till September 30

Furi has just received its first major update to the Steam version of the game, adding additional features, tweaks, and changes based on community feedback. We've highlighted all of the changes included in the update below, but there are some stand outs that I wanted to mention. First, the game now features an alternate gamepad control scheme (screenshot of the new controls can be seen below). While I've mostly spent my time with the PlayStation 4 version of Furi, having a second option for controller support is always a good idea. Mouse aiming has also been improved, adding a new radial mode which will be activated by default.

If you are looking to pick up the game, it is currently 20% off on Steam only for another 24 hours. The sale will end Friday, September 30, 2016 at 10:00 AM PST.

Patch notes 1.2.58

  • Alternate gamepad control schemes
  • New radial mode option for mouse aiming (default)
  • Added Steam Trading Cards (waiting for Steam validation)
  • Tweak for Promenade mode (added more variety to the Promenade fights)
  • Slight nerf for The Burst and The Line (in Furi difficulty story mode only - NOT in Speedrun mode)
  • Added hint for Automove (press X to walk on paths to arena)
  • Fixed most cases where The Burst walls raise below Rider
  • Improved reticle visibility on some levels (re difficulty to see it for colorblind people)
  • Misc bugfixes