Frontier Developments outlines Season 2 Elite Dangerous content

Horizons marks an entire year of content and expansions to Elite Dangerous. Coming off the heels of the first massive expansion adding seamless planetary landings, Frontier Developments has outlined the next four expansions within Season 2 of Elite Dangerous.

The Engineers (Spring 2016)
  • Expanded mission system
  • Vastly improved loot system
  • Crafting weapons and modules
The Guardians (Summer 2016)
  • Ability to launch fighters from your ship
The Commanders (Fall 2016)
  • Commander creator
  • Multi-crew bridge

??? (Winter 2016)

  • No details have been revealed

The Elite Dangerous Horizons season pass is currently on sale for $30.39 till February 12. We will take a closer look at "The Engineers v2.1" expansion soon.

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