Elemental-Labs launches REBORN Kickstarter

Built using the Unreal Engine, Elemental-Labs has great ambitions with REBORN. Adding a cyberpunk twist to an action RPG title, the game will feature real-time combat, character classes, a leveling system and other traditional RPG elements. With a goal of $200,000, the initial goal is to release the game digitally across Steam, PS3 and PS4 with a single playable character. As stretch goals are met, Elemental-Labs will release REBORN across new platforms, including the Xbox One, Vita and Wii U, as well as add new characters and a multiplayer mode.

For what it is worth, they had me at cyberpunk and RPG.

The team will be constantly updating the Kickstarter page with gameplay footage and additional assets. Head over to theKickstarter page to learn more about REBORN and see tons of concept artwork and character models.