EA teases Hutt Contracts in Star Wars Battlefront

In an unlisted video on the official EAStarWars YouTube channel highlighting post-launch content for Star Wars Battlefront, revealed players will be taking contracts from the most famous Hutt of all time, Jabba the Hutt. A very brief scene showed Jabba holding a data pad with two holographic weapons, including the DL-18.

The DL-18 is the weapon that Luke pulled from the bodyguard in Return of the Jedi with his force powers before being dropped into the Rancor Pit.No further details were given agout the Hutt Contracts, so we can only speculate at this point. Will players be granted an audience with the almighty Jabba? Is it a new type of daily challenge? Will we have to use certain weapons or kill specific heroes?

Star Wars: Battlefront