E3 2012: The Last of Us

Naughty Dog strikes again with the fantastic looking title The Last of Us. Set sometime after the apocalypse happens (what exactly happened my be explained in the game, but nothing is quite known yet), players take the role of Joel who is partnered with a young girl Ellie. Based on the gameplay footage, Joel is a pretty ruthless survivorman left in a world that has gone to shit.

The fighting within the game looks gritty, and in this realistic world setting (as realistic as you can be post-apocalyptic), it looks incredibly intense. The nice thing is that Ellie not another Ashley Graham alá Resident Evil 4, but is instead willing to help out. In the gameplay footage we got to see her not only toss a brick into an attacker’s face, but also save Joel’s life by stabbing another in the back. The game looks to be stepping away from the over-the-top modern Indiana Jones of Nathan Drake to head more into a The Road or Mad Max style of “over-the-top,” but at least Naughty Dog never fails to deliver some Grade A Gaming to the masses.

The Last of Us