Dungeon Defenders II receives "Ascension" update on PS4

Trendy Entertainment originally released on the PS4 version of Dungeon Defenders II back in September in a pre-alpha state. The latest patch contains three major content releases from the PC version of the game, namely the two-part "Ascension" and "Alpha and Beyond."

  • Four new maps
  • Bigger towers
  • New weapons and builds that enhance a greater variety of attack styles, abilities and towers
  • An original spooky event, featuring special maps, costumes, weapons and minibosses
  • New pets and costumes

This update brings the PS4 version of the game closer to the Steam Early Access PC counterpart. Trendy hopes to sync content updates for both versions of the game this spring.

We took a very early look at the pre-alpha build of Dungeon Defenders II back in December 2014.

Dungeon Defenders II