Dreadnought closed beta starts on April 29

Players interested in piloting their own capital spaceship can sign up for a chance to partake in the upcoming Dreadnought closed beta on April 29, 2016. Sign up for your chance at www.playdreadnought.com.

Two new Founder's Packs have also been revealed, allowing guaranteed access to the closed beta, as well as including special bonuses, unique ship variants, in-game currency, and perks. The Hunter Pack ($9.99) includes the Morningstar, a uniquely designed Medium Dreadnought Hero Ship and 500 Grey Box Points (GP). The GP can be spent on ship emblems, decals, and more. You will also receive seven days of Elite Status, which gives you more experience and Fleet Points (FP) per match. Two Fleet Recruitment Packs are included, providing closed beta access for two friends.

The Mercenary Pack includes five Hero Ships, the Morningstar (Medium Dreadnought), Outis (Medium Corvette), Silesia (Light Artillery Cruiser), Huscarl (Heavy Destroyer) and Kali (Heavy Tactical Cruiser). You'll get 3,000 GP and 30 days of Elite Status once the game officially launches. It also gives you four Fleet Recruitment Packs and exclusive ship decals, emblems and coatings.

Dreadnought will launch as a free-to-play title on PC with competitive online multiplayer modes.