Dog Eat Dog Games's Stellar to be playable at PAX South

Dog Eat Dog Games will be bringing their pre-alpha build of Stellar to PAX South. Stellar will feature a procedurally generated universe for players to explore from both a 2D and 3D perspective. Each solar system will be filled with varying amounts of asteroids, meteor showers and planets. Alien races will inhabit the worlds, leaving it up to the player to explore.

To simplify the approach to combat, you'll have the ability to switch from a 3D perspective to a 2D one, locking everything in either a top-down or side-scrolling view.

"Like many of my generation I grew up playing 2D space shooters. I love the engaging 3D experiences modern space games provide, but miss the dynamic combat of the classics"

Kurt Hollowell, CEO, Dog Eat Dog Games.