Dex available on Xbox One now, PlayStation 4 tomorrow

Released on Steam over a year ago, Dex is finally making it's way to consoles; already available on Xbox One and releasing tomorrow on PlayStation 4. The game has been inspired by cyberpunk novels of William Gibson, mixing both realistic elements with creative concepts. As players control the artificial intelligence Dex, you are on a quest for the Singularity, an event that will see AI surpassing actual human intelligence. Along the way, Dex must question her origin and existence, as she gets involved with corporate mercenaries.

Many aspects of the game are open-ended to allow for multiple solutions, based on your skills, weapons and special equipment. Character progression will be meaningful in the game, allowing for you to customize your combat based on your preference. Do you want to become the ultimate assassin, the world's greatest hacker or a straight forward gunfighter. Hacking allows you to transfer your consciousness to you avatar in order to deactivate turrets, overload devices to fry their circuits and cripple enemy implants.

Dex is available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $19.99. A physical PlayStation 4 release is also available in select territories. PlayStation Vita and Wii U versions are expected later this year.