Bungie Outlines Upcoming Destiny 1.0.2 Patch

Bungie is about to make looting a much more enjoyable experience with the upcoming changes proposed for the Destiny 1.0.2 patch. If you have any Engrams waiting to be decoded, you should immediately head over to the Cryptarch before this patch goes live. All of the changes to Engrams will only affect drops acquired after the launch and any existing Legendary Engrams will be demoted to Rare.

Cryptarch Changes 

  • Legendary Engrams will always produce Legendary or better quality items, including Materials or Exotics
  • Rare Engrams will always produce Rare or better quality items
  • Rare engrams will have an increased chance to produce Legendary quality items

Activity Changes

  • Daily Heroics, Weekly Heroics, and Vanguard: Tiger Playlist activities will include Rare and Legendary Engrams in addition to their existing rewards

Item Changes

  • Ascendant materials have been promoted to Legendary to closer associate them with the gear they are used to upgrade
  • Legendary Engram items that exist in your inventory will be demoted to Rare quality when the patch goes live, so decode them while you can. But let’s be honest–even if you don’t, we all know they were blues already…