Broforce Alien Infestation Update Now Available

After completely destroying thousands, maybe even millions of terrorists, the Broforce have an even greater threat to America and humanity: aliens. The latest early access update, Alien Infestation, brings not only infamous Xenomorphs from Alien and Aliens, but many other sci-fi creatures.

The Alien Infestation update adds even more incentives to play co-op with a friend or three, as Facehuggers must be removed by another player if they are attach themselves to your face. If not, well I'm sure you have all watched the Alien movies. There is a reason why the next evolution of the Xenomorphs are called Chestbursters...

Broforce is still an Steam Early Access title, but developer Free Lives has been adding a plethora of free updates and content to the game. The game borrows themes from many great action movies and TV shows from the 80's and 90's.