Be Advised, Battlefield 3 Aftermath Now Available

While the press release states that the fourth expansion pack for Battlefield 3Battlefield 3 Aftermath – is now available, the reality is it will be available at some point today forBattlefield 3 Premium members on the PlayStation 3 only. Checking our PS3 version of the game as soon as the news was released, we found no sign of the expansion. Whether it will be made available shortly or whether it will be dropping with the PlayStation Store update later tonight is still up in the air – my money is on sometime later tonight.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath pits players against each other in the struggle to control a post-earthquake Iran. From what we have seen, the four new maps will focus heavily on vertical gameplay with a mix of vehicle support. The lone new game mode – Scavenger – has players spawning with only a sidearm as they must explore the maps to find set spawning locations for new weapons. While the spawning locales will stay the same, which weapon will spawn is completely random. It is still objective based, so the two sides will be battling over a number of bases.

There will also be a slew of new assignments, dog tags, trophies/achievements and weapons. All you need to know is there will be a crossbow. Crossbows rule.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Release Schedule:

Premium members
Non Premium
PlayStation 3
November 27
December 11
Xbox 360 and PC
December 4
December 18

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