Astro Developing Halo Branded Gaming Headsets

“Few game franchises have ever pushed the boundaries of our imagination quite like Halo. With its robust online multiplayer features, compelling storyline, incredibly detailed gameplay audio and inspiring musical score — Halo delivers at every level." 

Aron Drayer, VP of Marketing, ASTRO Gaming/Skullcandy Gaming

Right in time for E3 2014, ASTRO and Skullcandy have announced they are entering a multi-year partnership with the current Halo developer 343 Industries. In this agreement, you can expect to see Halo branded products to be released near both the launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5: Guardians (my personal estimate). A Halo branded headset won’t be the only product, as the press release also mentioned speaker tags and more to be based on the Halo universe.

No further details have been given, and you can expect another announcement a little later on, but that doesn’t stop us from imagining the possibilities. ASTRO already has a full lineup of gaming based speaker tags including Watch Dogs,Dead Space and Metal Gear Rising, among others. A green Master Chief headset and a purple Covenant headset would be a great throwback idea for the release of The Master Chief Collection. You can have that idea for free.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection