Air Conflicts welcomes you to Vietnam

The latest title in the Air Conflicts series takes players to the skies over Vietnam, with a single-player campaign that promises to take players through heroic moments – including the fall of Saigon – while featuring the less publicized darker side of the war. Controlling both fighter jets and helicopters, expect to not only face off against North Vietnamese fighter squadrons, but enemy encampments spread throughout the dense jungles of Vietnam.

As Joe Thompson, a new U.S. Air Force pilot, you will be flying more than 20 different aircraft, including helicopters for the first time in the series. Not having to worry about defeating the Vietcong alone, you are able to command up to four AI controlled aircraft to complete objectives, which will earn you experience to level up. Featuring a vintage Vietnam era soundtrack, you’ll be singing “Hail to the Chief” as you dog fight against your friends online.

Air Conflicts , Air Conflicts: Vietnam