Ace Banana out now on PSVR, 20% off for PS+ members

Oasis Games has announced that the PlayStation VR exclusive title Ace Banana is now available on the PlayStation Store. Players wield a bow using two Move controllers to protect their banana stash from a horde of marauding monkeys.

Ace Banana is a great game for the PlayStation VR launch with its fun and unique gameplay offeringAlen Wu, business director at Oasis Games

As a skilled Banana Archer, of course, you wouldn't want the mischievous monkeys eating your own kind. Set across 16 stages, each with multiple waves, players use PlayStation Move controllers to aim and shoot their bow. Instead of standard arrows, you'll be launching quirky items such as plungers, rubber fish, and even cute pandas.

From October 13-27 there is a 10% discount off the base price of $14.99, while PlayStation Plus members will receive a 20% off discount.

Ace Banana