Who is Patient Zero? A Tom Clancy's The Division mystery

While running around during my time with Tom Clancy's The Division beta, I couldn’t help but wonder if there were clues about the main narrative scattered around the map. While sleuthing, I found a map pinned to a board in the starting location at Camp Hudson that might offer some clues.

The map in Camp Hudson showed various interest points pinned on the map regarding Patient Zero, Hell Pits, Iron Pits, Rock Pits and more. Who is Patient Zero and is Manhattan now sectioned off into various rock quarries?

The clues lead me to believe that the main narrative of the game will involve the search for patient zero. To find him, you'll have to raid laboratories, and search contaminated areas called "pits" (which might be underground) to collect as much information about the incident as possible. As you go deeper into the campaign, you will uncover agents that have become rogue, and have betrayed the Division's cause. In the end, you may find out that the people responsible in for the incident are a group of terrorists, or worse another nation has decided to release the deadliest disease in history.

Missions in the game will include, recapturing of camps that have taken over by rioters, following crashed drones to retrieve information, and there might be something big that will happen at the UN tower. There was one location on the map that mentioned a crashed drone, and if you visited the location, you could hear beeping, but the drone itself was out of reach (it crashed high up on the side of the building). Shooting it a few times would drop it down close, and provide a piece of intel.

jmdfoto locates the drone in the final beta for Tom Clancy's The Division

Thanks to "Wesley Lantz" for the location of the drone in the closed beta.

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