The Midnight Run – 24 hours of gaming

SelectButton is turning 3 years old this month and we want you to celebrate with us for 24 hours of gaming and mayhem. Join us in all of the online multiplayer games that we will be playing and chat along with other members of the SelectButton Community on Twitch. Our live stream will kick things off on Friday May 9 at 11:59PM Eastern on Twitch – SelectButton. Watch us start to go insane as the hours tick by or watch for the hilarity that will ensue once the drinking begins.

11:59PM (Eastern) Friday, May 9 – 11:59PM Saturday, May 10

Where can I watch?
You can watch the official SelectButton stream here. We do have a bunch of game codes to give out during the live stream.

What games will you be playing?
The SelectButton team will be playing many different games, with an emphasis on PC & PS4 games. Expect to see Sportsfriends, Trials Fusion, Daylight, Killzone Shadow Fall among many other games, including Full Bore and Divekick.

Why “The Midnight Run”?
Midnight to Midnight sounded like a good idea on paper. Only time will tell if we have made a huge mistake.