TERA - Day 1

The launches of MMO’s have always fascinated me with the feeling of excitement, fear to learn so much so fast, and the frustration the torments those less-than-stellar launches. Thankfully, TERA has cemented itself on the smooth launch column as this has been one of the better launches I have participated in. Before slapping on a score that will forever be attached to TERA, I’ll be posting my character’s adventures in Arborea, leading up to our full review in the coming weeks.

Day 1 – Its Alive!

As I watch helplessly as the patch bar slowly fills up across my screen, I start to run through possible character names in my head, yet in my heart I knew the name I would be forever known as: Yevon. This has been my main MMO character name that has survived the plague in Azeroth, fought to save all of Middle Earth and even carried an Onion Sword or two in Final Fantasy XI.

Looking over the possible races to play, I decided to settle on the boring humans. If there was a dwarf race I would have been all over that. Quickly settling on my race, I selected a Lancer to start my life in TERA, as I played a Guardian for quite a few years in The Lord of the Rings Online. I messed with character customization for a little bit and then punched in my characters name and BAM! Yevon has already been swallowed up by those who used the head start a few days prior. Defeated, I was forced to use my back up name of Jolis that had fought for the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars Galaxies in the past and will soon defend the world of Arborea with all his might.

Jolis takes his first virtual breath.

Taking control over my newly created character, I awake on a beach during a massive storm. Heading over to the gathering crowd, I survey the area to find myself surrounded by wrecked ships and destruction. A priest by the name of Ahdun is sorting traffic and directs me to speak with him. This is where I found out that I was on the Island of Dawn, which appeared out of no where. By the looks of things, he needs assistance in dealing with the scattered, injured soldiers across the beach. This is only but a short detour on my adventure as soon I am dawned in shiny new armor by the quartermaster who recovered it from equipment that had washed up on shore.

It is here that I learn of the true mission I must accept: to search for missing Commander Elleon. Heading off into the caves, I miraculously jump out of the way of falling boulders and land in a body of water. Climbing to the top of the cliffs, I face my first true challenge.

As a Lancer is it my duty to be the front line soldier and guard everyone else with my life. Holding a shield with one hand and a lance in the other, I fight off my first dew demons. Using my shield right before getting attacked, I am able to block any attack that comes my way if I have enough mana left to spare. Holding down the left mouse button, I am able to stab at my enemies with great force, but if I throw skills into the mix I am able to pull of combos that can put enemies on their backs.

Finally, I meet up with the Commander who asks me to go with him to fight a massive demon in the caves. After utilizing my shout skills, I am able to have the boss focus his attacks on my character, allowing others to focus on doing great damage to it. Using my shield I have no problems protecting myself from the ice attacks. We claim victory, but it is not long when another, greater threat appears and the world goes black…

Awakening on top of a flying mount, we head back to the Island. This is our time to triumph over the forces that dare stand in our way. Losing all my powers and equipment, I start anew with renewed spirit in my heart and determination in my step.

To be continued…t