NYCC: Exclusive Interview with Matsuyama-san

While enjoying the crowds and games at New York Comic Con this year, we took the time to check in with Hiroshi Matsuyama, President and CEO of CyberConnect2 to talk about the upcoming Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 to find out exactly what fans should expect.

SelectButton: Where does the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 story begin? Does it pick up exactly where Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 ended?

Matsuyama-san: Yes, it starts from the end of Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and onto the latest episode of the Great Ninja War, although technically it does start with a flashback of the Nine-Tails attack on Konoha.

SelectButton: How long will it take for gamers to get through the story mode?

Matsuyama-san: I’m not sure exactly how long it will take, but you can definitely expect more than Storm 2.

SelectButton: Is the adventure mode going to play similar to the style from Storm 2?

Matsuyama-san: The style and main concepts are very similar however we did implement new ideas and surprises here and there that we want gamers to be able to have fun with.

SelectButton: Will the substitution jutsu bar that was implemented in Naruto Generations be making a return? If so, has it seen noticeable changes?

Matsuyama-san: Yes, the substitution jutsu from Naruto Generations will be returning in Storm 3, also look forward to some new additions to the battle system as well.

SelectButton: Will there be character customization in Storm 3, such as selectable jutsus, ultimate jutsus, etc?

Matsuyama-san: There isn’t anything in the way of customization, but we will have costumes available for downloadable content.

SelectButton: Will there be any outfits from outside of the Naruto universe?

Matsuyama-san: (smirks)

Matsuyama-san: Yes.

Matsuyama-san: (leans over to point to an image)

Matsuyama-san: This is the first time we are announcing it here at New York Comic Con. The first edition of Storm 3, will contain a code to download Naruto in the Son-Goku costume from Dragon Ball Z. We want all fans to enjoy this, so pre-order now to guarantee you will be getting this limited offer.

SelectButton: Can players start in the awakened state in matches for Storm 3?

Matsuyama-san: Yes, in Storm 3 we will be introducing a new kind of system where a select amount of characters from the original series will be able to awaken at any time.

SelectButton: How excited are you for Storm 3 to feature the most extensive character roster when compared to all of the previous Naruto games.

Matsuyama-san: Yes, we are definitely excited. This will have the most playable characters in theStorm series history and last time in Generations we had 72, so you can expect even more this time!

SelectButton: How familiar do you have to be with the Naruto lore and fiction for the game. Are you going to ease in those who may have not played the previous games or watched the anime series?

Matsuyama-san: Players will be able to play this game with zero knowledge of the Storm series orNaruto in general. Of course if you have played previous games or have seen the anime, you will obviously be able to understand a little bit more of what is happening, but the game was designed to allow anyone to start from scratch.

SelectButton: Is the Nine Tails going to be a playable character in the game in any form?

Matsuyama-san: (leans back and grins)

Matsuyama-san: We aren’t really able to answer that question, but stay tuned.

Matsuyama-san: (everyone laughs)

SelectButton: How do you keep things feeling fresh now that you are going into your fourth Ultimate Ninja Storm title?

Matsuyama-san: After each title is released we largely listen to fan feedback from all over the world. We get a lot of feedback about what they liked, what they want to see and that really helps us determine the direction of the games that we are making.

SelectButton: Any chance to see a Vita version of the Ultimate Ninja Storm series?

Matsuyama-san: Do you want it?

(laughter from both sides)

SelectButton: Yes.

Matsuyama-san: This decision would be largely easier to make if you know, Vita was a little bit more popular.

SelectButton: Can you narrow down the release date any more than Spring 2013?

Matsuyama-san: March 2013

SelectButton: Are there any other details that you can reveal to us that maybe, hasn’t been announced yet?

Matsuyama-san: Characters from the Great Ninja War are appearing one after another and we are going to continually start releasing more information about each of them. For exmaple Mifune and Hanzō are in the game as well as The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. We want fans to stay tuned for future announcments about these characters.

SelectButton: One final question if I may? Where did you buy your outfit?

Matsuyama-san: The Naruto outfit can be bought, but the Sage cape is selfmade.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3