Maingear Raises the Bar with Intel 8-Core Extreme Processors

The New Jersey based Maingear has been building customized high-performance PCs in the United States for over a decade. The hand-crafted custom build PCs have won numerous Editors’ Choice Awards throughout the years. Taking a major leap forward, Maingear desktops will now be featuring the recently announced 8-core 5960X Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processors. Upgrading from a 4-core processor will offer up to 45% increased in performance. If you are looking for even more power, the i7 5960X is the first unlocked desktop processor that officially supports 4 channel DDR4-2133 memory. For those who aren’t familiar with tech lingo, this means games will run smoother and will reduce video processing editing time.

The Force is the liquid cooled backbone and most powerful member of the Maingear desktop product line. It safely run any game currently on the market at the maximum game settings without breaking a sweat. All of the components are protected by the premium cooling blocks of the new Superstock cooling system, as well as chrome fittings, parallel cooling loops and unbreakable PETG hard tubing. Basically this means The Force is an overclockers wet dream. The BiTurbo dual pump system ensures that if one pump happens to fail, the other pump will continue to run to keep all of the components cooled.

With plenty of room for up to 4 graphic cards (either AMD or NVIDIA) and 6 HDDs or 12 SSDs, there is space for all of your customization needs. Powered by the new Intel X99 chipset, you’ll experience unbeatable performance and opportunity to upgrade down the line. There are plenty of visual customization, such as a matte or glossy finish and customizable paint and pastel coolant options.

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