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Omerta – City of Gangsters Trailer Showcases Combat

There are two ways to learn how to become a successful 1920’s gangster: 1. Watch Boardwalk Empire or 2. You can watch the combat trailer for the upcoming multiplatform title, Omerta – City of Gangsters. I’ll take the option without Steve Buscemi. Take control of the Prohibition-era Atlantic City as you manage illicit businesses, go own raids and drive-by’s and bring the money of the town in your pockets.

Some of the key features of the tactical combat include:

  • Destructible environment: take down those crates the opposition thinks they can hide behind!
  • Dynamic fog of war forces you to be cautious as you explore the map.
  • Weapons with various area effects do a wide swath of damage, but beware, they don’t discriminate between friend or foe.
  • Combat status ailments – panic, bleeding, crippled, etc, all can slow down your friends and foes alike.
  • Cunning AI opponents not only make use of environments, but also destroy your cover.

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