Where is my Heart? Review

Kevin Mitchell on November 8, 2011

Game Designer Bernie Schulenburg plays with different emotions in this puzzle platformer loosely based on his experience of getting lost in the forest with his mom and dad. Take control of 3 cuddly monsters – Brown, Orange and Gray – as you collect hearts and feed them to the tree to move on to the next puzzle. Why does the tree want to devour hearts? I do not know, but you should always do what a tree that can swallow you whole wants, especially when you are required to enter his mouth to complete each level.

As you progress further into the game, the puzzles get increasingly more difficult. Each of the puzzles are broken up into panels, like a comic strip, except the panels are not in any conceivable order. As you get to the right edge of a panel, you will not appear in the panel directly next to you, but can end up in any of the others. These panels have been jumbled around, so you really have to pay attention to the background of each of them and try anticipate where you will end up, or you will fall to your death and feed the tree a gray heart. I haven’t found out what the gray hearts do, but I don’t think they are a healthy snack for a tree.

You control each of the monsters one at a time and can switch which monster you control at any given moment with the press of a button. The point is to get to the end of the puzzle and enter the tree’s mouth. Each of the puzzles contains hearts for you to collect to feed to the tree.

There are power-ups for each of the monsters that will aide you in completing some of the puzzles. The brown monster can transform into a horned mythical white creature and gains the ability to double jump — as well walking with the stars in the Land of Fireflies. The orange monster has the most interesting transformation; you grow wings and the ability to rotate the panels around the center panel. This only rotates the panels and not you, so in essence you could appear in any of the panels that are being rotated.

Simply Put

For a couple bucks, Where is my Heart? is a great addition to the PlayStation Mini lineup. Any one who are fans of platformers and puzzles should give it a fair share. Best part about the PS Minis is playing them on the go or at home.

Note: The Where is my Heart? review was written based on the PS3 version of the game.

Where is my Heart?

Where is my Heart? 7.5
Unique puzzle concepts
Free for Plus members
Forgetting which panel you appear in and falling to your death
Confusing at first