Skydrift: Gladiator Multiplayer Pack Review

Kevin Mitchell on September 21, 2011

Instead of adding even more new planes to the game, the Gladiator Pack adds two additional game modes. Take out your frustration of a close race with a friend in the return of two classic multiplayer online modes — Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. There are 6 different arenas to do battle in, each with an optional time of day or weather effect to utilize. As with the original game online, we experienced the same issues in the newly added online modes.

Throughout the matches, the score displayed different amounts on each of our three screens. At the end of the matches the game refused to end, but allowed 2 of us to break past the barrier and fly around the entire map unimpeded. It was cool to explore and see that right next to the Deathmatch arena was the race course, but still terrible that we were forced to quit the match.

Simply Put

The matches are fun when you have a group playing together, but I wouldn’t recommend it for one-on-one matches – it can be very slow paced with the size of some of the maps. If the online worked flawlessly it would be a must buy, but since the same problems appeared that we had in the original game, and there isn’t any local play, I would only recommend it if you have a group of friends to play with as finding a random match online is a rarity.

Note: The Skydrift: Gladiator Multiplayer Pack review was written based on the PS3 version of the game provided by the publisher.

Skydrift: Gladiator Multiplayer Pack 5.5
Fun multiplayer
Expands the online play
Finding a match can be troublesome
Same end of match glitches