Puzzle Dimension Review

Kevin Mitchell on June 28, 2011

Puzzle Dimension is a 3D puzzle game that will surely test even the best at puzzle games. I think Isaac Newton is rolling over in his grave as Puzzle Dimension takes everything you have learned about gravity and throws it out the window. Gravity is just a relative term that depends on your movement of the magical sphere. With 100 unique labyrinth like levels to master, Puzzle Dimension might be the puzzle game of this generation.

The game has a very simple premise, move the magical sphere around the structures one tile at a time while collecting all the sunflowers to gain access to the portal to the next structure. While it sounds simple enough on paper, it becomes anything but as Doctor Entertainment throws quite a few roadblocks in your way.

Throughout each structure there are special tiles that can hinder your progress to the point of restarting that specific structure. Some of these tiles add classic puzzle game elements into the mix such as the use of fire, ice, and spikes. The crumbling tile can only be traversed once before crumbling away, pun intended. Players can jump tiles by having the sphere leap into the air, but make sure you have a safe tile to land on.

As stated earlier in the review gravity plays an integral part in solving most of the puzzles. If there is nothing underneath a tile and you decide to take a stroll past that tile, say goodbye to the sphere, but if there is a connecting tile that forms a curve, the sphere will continue moving across the sphere. As I have said, gravity is all relative, so a long as there is another tile to move onto there is nothing to fear, unless that tile has flames shooting out of it, then you should panic.

The first time you see a sunflower hanging upside down at the end of a downward curve, may have you thinking that it is impossible to collect. After a few test runs you start to appreciate the brilliance of what Doctor Entertainment has created in destroying our knowledge of the law of gravity.

The puzzles usually only have one definite solution to them which will frustrate some, while entice others to keep trying again and again. This is one game where you will not find the solution of each structure on the first attempt. The first few structures in each set are relatively easy, but they get increasing in difficulty as you complete each one. Once you figure out the puzzle after failing for the umpteenth time, the joy you feel is indescribable.

Simply Put

If you are a fun of Puzzle games Puzzle Dimension is a game for you. With 100 unique structures to master, increasing difficulty and varying structure dangers, Puzzle Dimension will keep you coming back for a long time.

Note: The Puzzle Dimension review was written based on the PS3 version of the game provided by the publisher.

Puzzle Dimension

Puzzle Dimension 8
100 levels to master
Puzzles that will make you think
No online leaderboard
One wrong move and you have to start from the beginning