Planet of the Eyes Preview

During PAX East 2015, I was checking out the indie booths and this cool retro sci-fi looking action-puzzle platformer caught my eye. My curiosity lead me to Planet of the Eyes, a game by Cococucumber. Looking to get more information, I approached Will O'Neill, the writer of game, and he explained that the game is based on a robot that awakens on a nameless planet, and it must search for the source of a mysterious signal. While exploring the planet you'll uncover clues about the robot, and the fate of the crew members that have been sending encoded messages.

When one of the computers that was showcasing the game became free, I took the opportunity to begin my adventure in the Planet of the Eyes. It started with taking control of the robotic scout on an uncharted world. I proceeded to move east, my path seems to be easy going with just some minor gaps that my trusty robot jumped over easily. Just when I thought I had it easy, I approached some sort of abandoned ship or base. Inside I came face to face with two pillars that would crush anything or anyone that tried to pass. I believed that my robot can get through, so after making sure I had enough space for a running start I jumped and BAM! My robot was crushed into a million-billion pieces. It was so sad, feeling like this is where robots go to die. I reloaded from a nearby location, but this time I timed the jump correctly, quickly jumping in and out before the pillars came crashing down. I survived.

Inside the base was full of wreckage, but also full of items capable of being pushed or pulled around to access new locations. In one of the rooms I found something that looked like a classic cassette tape. After picking it up, the audio log begun with a raspy voice playing in the background. It started telling me about being the creator of the robot, giving details about what can be found on the planet. The demo ended with an encounter with a giant spider like monster.

Planet of the Eyes is is set to be released in 2015 for the Mac and PC.

Planet of the Eyes