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Dark PC requirements and latest screenshots

Cyberpunk-inspired world of vampires and their dark machinations

Metro Last Light Redemption

Seek Redemption in Metro: Last Light

Humanity's last hope rests with Artyom

Call of Duty: Ghosts

I Ain’t Afraid Of No (Call of Duty) Ghosts

The next-generation of Call of Duty to be shown May 21

God Mode

God Mode Review

God Mode is the new and intriguing shooter from Old School Games. Using the era’s old idea of Olympi...

Lego Marvel Super Heroes CG Trailer

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes CG Trailer and Pre-Order Bonuses

LEGO Hulk is ready to smash things to (LEGO) pieces

Star Wars Feature

How Not To Celebrate May The Fourth

Someone give me a thermal detonator

Hellraid Post

Techland’s “Project Hell” formally announced as Hellraid

Dragging you straight to Hell

Strike Suit Infinity

Strike Suit Infinity Review

In an all but forgotten genre, Strike Suit Infinity is the latest space combat game from developer B...

Mars War Log Launch Trailer

Mars War Logs – Launch Trailer

Get your ass to Mars!

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Walkthrough Trailer

Dragons are pretty ******* hardcore

Dragon's Crown

Dragon’s Crown finally has a release date

The long awaited Vita and PS3 title

Strike Suit Infinity News

Strike Suit Infinity dares you to chase the high score

An online leaderboard shoot 'em up in space? Sign me up.