Get to the Chopper DLC for Primal Carnage

Free is good. Free DLC for an addicting online shooter involving dinosaurs? Even better. Reverb Publishing has announced that as of today, the Get to the Chopper DLC for Primal Carnage is now available through Steam…for FREE.

The DLC adds a brand new objective-based game mode to the table, as the Human team must work together to make their way to the extraction helicopter and escape from dinosaur hell. Along the way, there will be various checkpoints that must be activated, such as radioing the pilot and turning on a fuel valve, before trying to reach the helicopter.

The all-new Spinosaurus – the dinosaur from Jurassic Park 3 – has no intention of letting any one leave the island alive. The new mode will play out on the new jungle-themed Downpour map, although there is also a modified Docks map – one of the most played maps currently.

The only thing that is missing from this DLC, an Arnold Schwarzenegger skin for the Commando.

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Primal Carnage