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E3 2012: Dust 514 new details & screenshots

CCP Games announced a while slew of details for the upcoming massively multiplayer first person shooter, Dust 514, which is scheduled to release later this year exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The premier beta event for Dust 514 is set to begin on June 29th and will last the entire weekend. Participants that register at will be chosen at random to participate, and new players interested in joining the action can still sign up. This event will be the first of several throughout the summer, and CCP will be revealing more information in the coming weeks.

A new PlayStation Home space is already available and the first 10,000 visitors will be able to get “All Access” beta keys, guaranteeing them access to all of the Dust 514 beta events throughout the summer.

Dust 514 will also support a companion app on the PlayStation Vita called; Dust 514: Neocom. The app integrates services that incorporate the feel and functionality of Dust 514. Using it, players can create and edit customized load outs, from drop suits, weapons, equipment, modules and vehicles. It also will include social features such as in-game mail, friends list and the Dust 514 Marketplace using either ISK (in-game currency) or Aurum (purchased premium currency). The app will be releasing alongside of Dust 514.

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    Only played EVE for a little while, but this looks pretty good.