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Battlefield 4 Open Beta

First Play: Battlefield 4 Open Beta

Watch Kevin dodge explosions around Shanghai as the Assault class during an entire Conquest match in...

Star Citizen

First Look: Star Citizen – Origin 300i

Take a first look at Star Citizen and the recently released Hanger Module. Feast your eyes on the a ...

Puppeteer First Play

First Play: Puppeteer

Watch a couple stages from the newest whimsical and clever PlayStation 3 platformer, Puppeteer.

Race the Sun First Play

First Play: Race the Sun

Kevin crashes, crashes and crashes some more, as he attempts to keep the sun from setting in Flippfl...

Dragons Crown First Play

First Play: Dragon’s Crown

The brave dwarf warrior Yevon ventures out in Hydeland to slaughter Goblins, Orcs and bunnies?!?

Mamorukun Curse! First Play

First Play: Mamorukun Curse!

Kevin attempts to play through a few stages of the cutest bullet-hell shooter you will ever see. Mam...

Pinball FX 2 Star Wars

First Play: Pinball FX 2 – Star Wars

There’s only a couple of things Kevin loves more than pinball and that’s Star Wars. Zen ...

Pool Nation First Play

First Play: Pool Nation

SelectButton mellows out with the best pool game released in ages – Pool Nation. The first gam...

Race to Mars First Play

First Play: Race to Mars (early Alpha)

Taking Arnold’s advice, I got my ass to Mars, or well I tried anyway thanks to Intermarum̵...

Deadpool First Play

First Play: Deadpool

The “Merc with the Mouth” shows SelectButton why his game is the most awesome game ever ...

First Play: Train Simulator 2013

First Play: Train Simulator 2013

No ticket? Get off my train!

First Play: FTL: Faster Than Light

First Play: FTL: Faster Than Light

Do you ever win at this game?

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